Craig Brewer Probably Won’t Have His Dog Write TARZAN

From HUSTLE & FLOW to Holler & Swing.

So far one dog has been nominated for an Oscar, and that dog was PH Vazak for Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. The script was really by Vazak’s master, Robert Towne, but he was so frustrated with the finished product that he took his name off the script, which ended up getting recognition by the Academy anyway.

Quick detour! Greystoke feels, in retrospect, like a really important movie in that it’s the first film I can think of that reboots a pulp character in a very serious, very ‘realistic’ manner. Greystoke is, of course, a take on Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan, although it deviates from the stories. Still, Greystoke is one hundred percent the precursor of Batman Begins, and I really must assume that Christopher Nolan was a fan of the film. And like many modern films, Greystoke has an incredibly long title.

All of this dithering brings us, in the third paragraph, to the lede: Craig Brewer will be writing a new Tarzan movie for Warner Bros. It’s pictured as the first in a trilogy, and he’s hoping to direct it once he’s all done wrapping up and selling Footloose.

Apparently this is a dream project for Brewer, and Warner Bros has been trying to get the ape man swinging again for years. But if the script turns out good and is Oscar worthy, I think Brewer should give co-writing credit to his cat, this way felines can join the hallowed awards halls alongside canines.

via Deadline