Holy Crap! Watch Sam Fuller’s Screen Test For Hyman Roth In THE GODFATHER PART II

An awesome peak into what might have been. Legendary director Sam Fuller screen testing for the role of Hymen Roth!

If I have to tell you why it’s awesome seeing Sam Fuller - one of the most badass directors of all time! - screen testing for the part of Jewish mobster Hyman Roth in The Godfather Part II you probably don’t belong here. They’re waiting for you at First Showing.

But for the loyal BAD readership this is a pretty cool little bit of history that I’ve never seen before. Is this on the DVDs or the Blus?

Fuller has an interesting low key delivery. I’m happy we ended up with Lee Strasberg in the role, but what a neat find. I especially love when Pacino turns to the camera and says ‘This guy’s gonna kill me!’

Man, this makes me want to watch The Godfather Part II right now.

Thanks to Trailers From Hell for the link!


Fuller_Pacino_Screentest from Heiko van der Scherm on Vimeo.