Wayne Kramer’s Next Looks At Love, SciFi Style

In a dystopian future where love requires commitment a… wait, that’s dystopian?

What’s this? Another science fiction movie that isn’t just an action film with hopped up weaponry and locations? Could it be?

It could! Wayne Kramer, director of the amazing Running Scared (and who has never again quite hit that level), is attached to write and direct Ecstasia, a high concept scifi movie. The synopsis, as cut and pasted by Mike Fleming from an email from Relativity Media:

Set in an “alternate universe,” the drama occurs at a time when love no longer exists, except when it is artificially simulated through a costly procedure called “commitment.” Ecstasia is accomplished through computer chips implanted in each couple. They are incredibly expensive to maintain, comparable to managing a mortgage. Those who cannot meet the cost are forced into “dissolution,” which ends the emotional link. Kramer’s film revolves around a man and woman who are 10 days away from losing their “commitment,” trying desperately to refinance their love.

I’m sure there can and will be action in there, but it sounds like the kind of big idea scifi we used to get in the 70s and which has been seeing a wonderful indie film resurgence in the last few years. Could Ecstasia be an entry in the Golden Age of Indie SciFi sweepstakes? We hope.