Your Girlfriends Alison Brie And Lizzy Caplan Will Co-Star In SAVE THE DATE

So, another movie about weddings. Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan can make anything awesome, however.


Internet darlings Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan have signed on to Mike Mohan’s indie romantic comedy Save the Date. Written by graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown, Egan Reich and director Mohan, the movie is based on two sisters, one who’s all free-spirited and nuptial-disdaining (one presumes Caplan) and one who’s all neurotic and obsessed with her upcoming wedding (one presumes Brie). The utterly righteous supporting cast is rounded out by Caplan’s Party Down co-star Martin Starr (YAY!), Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, further YAY!), and Geoffrey Arend (Super Troopers, final YAY!).

As delighted as I may be by this rad cast, why is this another movie about women and weddings? Do we really need another one of those? So many goddamn wedding movies! All the fucking time, with the wedding movies. We ladies do some stuff, you know, other than plan or not plan weddings. Like drink beer, for instance! Make a movie about that, America. And then cast Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan in it.

That said, the lead ladies are so awesome that crushers and girl-crushers alike can celebrate. Commence crushing!

Source: Variety