Go To The Movies: Weekend Movie Discussion (Summer Movie Rankings #4)

This weekend have a swinging time with the all-new, all-young X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

I’m running this a touch early today because I know some of you guys have been to see X-Men: First Class at midnight. For those who have not, this is a SPOILER FRIENDLY thread, so beware. And yes, there is a thing or two to spoil in the film.

So yeah, it’s officially actually summer now that Memorial Day is behind us, and the big movie this weekend is X-Men. And it’s good! Really, really good. Click here for my review.

Also opening up in limited release is the British coming of age film Submarine, which I’m heading out to see this afternoon. Early word from the festivals was great, but the Weinstein Company bought the film and apparently did some recutting, so we’ll see how it plays now. Of interest to Anglophiles: The IT Crowd‘s Richard Ayoade directed it.

And now we come to the infallible summer rankings! I’ve placed Super 8 in here, but will not be able to place Green Lantern... because I haven’t seen it. But the film is screening for junket press next week; I’ll be out of town and miss it, but keep an eye on Twitter for vague reactions from your favorite junket-going internet journalist.

As always, the summer movie rankings are malleable and will change over the summer as I consider and reconsider the films I’ve seen.

X-Men: First Class
The Tree of Life

Fast FiveHesherThe Hangover Part IISuper 8 tied with ThorPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides