One Page Penny Arcade Strip To Become Animated Movie

No, they’re not adapting a joke about Need vs Greed rolls in World of Warcraft, it’s a kiddie space story.

I don’t really like Penny Arcade. It’s not particularly funny, to be honest. Sometimes they’ll have something insightful to say, but mostly it’s dipshit jokes for Generation Cheeto Dust. Sorry if you’re offended by this, but keep in mind that you’re offended by criticism of a web comic about video games. Take a long, deep think about that.

Anyway, they ran a strip called The New Kid that wasn’t about the bad controls of a video game or the general hilarity that comes with achievement point whoring. It’s a one pager that’s a semi-Outer Limits-y story about a kid who has to go to new schools all the time with his dad, whose job takes him all over the place. The big last panel reveal: THEY DO IT IN SPACE!

It’s a cute concept. Paramount certainly thinks so, anyway - they’ve optioned the strip to become an animated movie. I suppose this means Penny Arcade will send Tycho and Brahe to Hollywood for the web-comic-about-video-games version of that season of Seinfeld where Jerry and George set up a sitcom about nothing at NBC.

via The Hollywood Reporter