Where’s Your God Now: Robert Loggia Stars In Pro-Life Horror Movie

You got your pro-life propaganda in my torture porn! You got your torture porn in my pro-life propaganda!

I can’t quite wrap my head around this trailer for Life Zone. So Robert Loggia kidnaps a bunch of women who were about to have abortions and then forces them to have their babies. But lest you think the man who kidnapped innocent women exercising their rights to control their body is the bad guy, the trailer pretty quickly shows us that the evil one is the one who wants to escape.

Ryan Turek of Shock Til You Drop explains what’s going on here:

This batshit crazy propaganda comes from writer-producer Ken Del Vecchio. He also gave us Kinky Killers, Rules (for Men (which features a massive pair of tits on its DVD box) and iMurders. Oh, he’s a Republican, an attorney and he’s also running for State Senate in New Jersey.


Del Vecchio also accepted his own film into the Hoboken Film Festival.

Enjoy this nonsense. I’m kind of dying to see it.