Paramount Releases Incredibly Spoilery Viral Video For SUPER 8

There’s not much to spoil in the fairly straight-ahead SUPER 8, but this clip manages to do just that.

Last week we talked a bit about the way Paramount suddenly took the lid off Super 8‘s mystery box with a whole bunch of screenings and reviews in the face of poor tracking. Well, they’ve gone another step today, putting out a viral video that is, in my mind, the only thing that could spoil Super 8.

See, Super 8 is a pretty straightforward movie, and I bet you’ve probably already figured out many of the film’s beats just by virtue of having seen the Spielberg films it apes. But if there is anything that’s a ‘surprise’ or a ‘mystery,’ it’s the exact details of the creature’s origins. Which is exactly what the viral video reveals, in great detail.

Some of the footage in this video is actually in the movie, so this isn’t some sort of Slusho (or Rocket Poppeteers - remember that viral tie-in for Super 8 from last summer? Turns out there’s nothing of Rocket Poppeteers in the movie whatsoever) half-assed tie-in. If you watch this video you’re seeing actual stuff from the movie that isn’t revealed until the end of act two. Be warned.