The BREAKING DAWN Teaser Is Awesome

Pure cheese done exactly right. This could be the first fully watchable TWILIGHT movie!

I’m late on this, but I was in London when it broke and wasn’t really online much (I’m still catching up with Wii U and the Apple announcements, that’s how far behind I am). But I wanted to run it because I love it so much - it’s the teaser trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. It’s kind of perfect, and it shows that Bill Condon gets the inherent campiness of the story.

But what’s more it shows that Condon understands how to PLAY that campiness - by taking it really, really seriously. Jacob the wolf boy reacting to the invite to Bella and Edward’s wedding by running in the rain and taking off his shirt to reveal his abs is almost like the Platonic ideal of camp cinema, and the framing of the scene where Edward is banging Bella and breaking the bed is simply incredible.