Ummm…of the Day: Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA

At the request of CNET, famed actor Richard Dreyfuss recorded a reading of the iTunes end user license agreement.

One thing you could never accuse CNET of being is amusing, but their Reporters’ Roundtable Podcast is sure giving it a go. They somehow finagled Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfus out of his Piranha 3D stupor to do a dramatic read of the Apple end-user licensing agreement (EULA) for shits and giggles.

Take a listen here

It’s actually a pretty cool way of turning something mundane, though important to know, into a digestible piece of entertainment . What’s the saying? A spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down? Here’s a few other medicine sweetening combinations that come to mind:

  • James Franco doing a performance art piece on the Terms of Use
  • Girl Talk remixing the Emergency Broadcast System Alert
  • Gaspar Noé directing “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” videos
  • eBoy designing Emergency Exit Route maps

Got any others?

via Business Insider