Universal Tries THE WOLFMAN Again

Are you ready for another reboot of the classic monster? Universal hopes so.

So everybody hated the reboot of The Wolfman starring Benecio Del Toro, right? I didn’t, certainly, and I find that the director’s cut of the film makes it much, much better, but it is a movie with a whole ton of problems. You’re either with it or you’re not, and most people are not.

Which didn’t stop the film from making a dollar or two. And which didn’t stop Universal from wanting to keep alive its movie monster franchises, and so they set out to make a sequel. But I heard some weeks ago - and a report at Movieline confirms this - that the sequel will actually be just another reboot of the property.

What Movieline adds is that the film might be called Werewolf; I guess it’s too soon to have another movie called The Wolfman. Movieline also says that it’ll be more directly related to the original 1943 The Wolf Man, which I guess means his dad won’t be a werewolf too this time.

I get calling the movie Werewolf, but that feels like it doesn’t really tie into the Universal Monsters tradition. I also wonder if this new film will keep the humanoid look of the classic Wolfman (as Joe Johnston’s movie did) or if it’ll revert to yet another actual wolf creature.

And by the way, Universal: next time you hire a guy like Rick Baker to do your werewolf transformations, let him do your transformations. Don’t CG over his work, please.