Bijou Phillips Has A Little Armless Fun In The Latest Broken Social Scene Video

Inside you’ll find an unexpected answer to the query, “Where has she been?” followed by genuinely rumble-gut inducing gore and… Canadian indie rock? Prepare yourself for amusement and a wave of nausea.

It’s a case of classic timing and this video can ride the coat tails of a steadily moving conversation prompted by the latest Borders Line in which we’re rejoicing women in off the beaten track film roles. Watch as Phillips takes the soft focus, romanticized shape of a less Huey Lewis and the News obsessed Patrick Bateman.

The comely track itself, “Sweetest Kill”, is definitely one to tuck away as well as the entire, fourth studio album from which it’s plucked, Forgiveness Rock Record (2010).

Warning: Its graphic nature pales in comparison to the unforgettable Hostel II scene in which Bijou tears an entire nose from the face of an elderly woman by way of bare teeth. In other words: if you can’t take the axe, get out of the living room!

Director, Claire Edmondson, is relatively new to the game, yet helmed this as well as an intriguing video for Austra’s “Beat and the Pulse”. The following link is text only based on the amount of boobs it contains. Yes, boobs plus a topless woman with a freakishly webbed armpit. How much further up an alley can you get?



via Fangoria