Mondo And Shepard Fairey Present An Unbelievable THEY LIVE Poster

Shepard Fairey celebrates the movie that gave him ‘Obey’ with this incredible poster. And you may be able to still get one!

Tonight Mondo and Shepard Fairey presented John Carpenter’s brilliant They Live. This is a seminal film for Fairey, as it’s where he got his famous “Obey” slogan.

Every person who attended the screening received a limited edition Shepard Fairey They Live print, as seen above. And as seen above it is FUCKING AWESOME. But fret not (or at least not yet) - there are still some left. They’ll be on sale at some point TODAY (ie, Friday the 10th). When? Who knows. Keep an eye on @MondoNews to find out.  I bet it’ll be in the first half of the day, though, and that it’ll go fast.