Share The #super8secret On Twitter… Just Not At Your Seat

JJ Abrams asks sneak audiences to tweet #super8secret from their seat… and you know what the Alamo thinks about that.

Super 8 is now open and is sure to be a shock to many of the privileged young ‘uns out there who have never known a world without the modern luxuries.  The film is set in the late 70’s – a time before digital cameras, before movie theatres that serve craft beer, a time before Twitter.  At a sneak screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin TX Wednesday night, Writer/Director and the creator of Lost himself JJ Abrams appeared on screen and wanted to encourage viewers to use their cyberspace influence to spread the good word about his Spielberg collaboration that is full of heart and explosions.  But as the internet, Anderson Cooper and even Whoopi Goldberg knows- you have to be careful of doing such a thing at the Alamo.

Be sure to catch Super 8 and all of its lens flares this weekend to see what all the fuss is about that has had you scratching your head since you first saw the teaser trailer before Iron Man 2 or the full trailer when it premiered….ahem… on Twitter