GAME OF THRONES Discussion Thread - Expect Spoilers For Tonight’s Episode!

The latest episode of GAME OF THRONES was a shocker. Talk about it here.


I’ve been pretty bad about doing Game of Thrones reviews the last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy and traveling and it just hasn’t happened. I’m going to try to weigh in on tonight’s episode, Baelor, as soon as I’ve actually watched it (it’s starting on the West Coast in minutes), but I wanted to have a place where everybody could discuss the episode.

Why? It’s a HUGE episode. I’m curious how the folks who haven’t read the books felt about the events of this episode. To me what happened tonight is sort of the epitome of what I came to like about the books - nobody is safe.

So what did you think? Weigh in below. I’ll try to have a real review in the next day or so - I’m still trying to get my Midnight in Paris review finished as it is.