Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS Gets Dragged Out To Sixty Hours Of TV

Neil Gaiman explains how there will be six seasons of a TV show based on one book.

When I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods it felt like it took sixty hours, but I’m sure I was done much quicker than that. So why the heck would an American Gods TV series be about sixty hours long? That’s the current plan, with the greenlit HBO series sketched out to be six ten or twelve episode seasons in length.

On his Twitter feed Gaiman explained that the series would cover more than one American Gods book… but he hasn’t written any of them yet. It’s unclear how many more American Gods books it would take to warrant six seasons of the show. I’m not even sure how the first book fills out ten episodes.

Forgive my general cynicism about this one, but having read American Gods I am in no way excited about an adaptation of this poorly plotted, tedious and on the nose novel.