Who Thought THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE Trailer Would Be So Good?

Phil is surprisingly impressed with the fact-based action film’s trailer.

My only prior awareness of The Devil’s Double came from the poster, so the trailer caught me off guard yesterday.  This was partly due to the juxtaposition of its based-on-fact premise (Saddam Hussein’s son hires a body double to act as his assassination decoy) and its tone (slick, Diesel/Statham-style b-action flick).

I was also surprised by how much I now want to see the film! And not just because it was directed by Lee Tamahori! Films about recent historical events tend to lean toward the po-faced; this one seems to be serving up its history with a healthy dose of vicarious thrills, glam, and sex. I wouldn’t have thought those two tastes would go great together, but here’s the trailer; decide for yourself.