Tim League is nuts for BELLFLOWER. Check out the new trailer.

I really only get super-excited about a few films each year.  So far for me those have been Hesher and Bellflower.  Both of these are films by young, first-time directors and both deliver the total package: great characters, drama, action, comedy,  pathos, and (strangely enough) genuine mayhem.  Hesher has already come and gone from the Alamo, but Bellflower will be arriving soon and I wanted to get it on everyone’s radar.

Within minutes after the world-premiere screening at Sundance, no fewer than five people had texted me saying that someone had made a film called Bellflower that was so up-my-alley that they demanded I drop everything and check it out immediately.

I did.  I loved it.  Frankly, I was blown away.

Bellflower chronicles the very loosely adapted true-life adventures of co-stars Evan Glodell and Tyler Dawson, two twenty-something guys who obsess over the Mad Max universe in general and Lord Humungous in particular.  They build flame throwers and modified post-apocalyptic cars on the odd chance that should the end-of-days finally arrive, the guys with the cool cars and flaming weapons will have better odds with the ladies.

Bellflower is a love story.  Bellflower is a drama.  Bellflower is really funny but is also infused with explosions, fire, fast cars and bloody revenge.  Not only was Bellflower written, directed, edited and produced by co-star Evan Glodell and his tight-knit gang of pals (AKA CoatWolf), they also built the amazing fully-functional cars and flame throwers for the film as well as the slow-motion camera and lens rig.  That’s my kind of indie filmmaking!

The trailer just dropped on IMDB today, check it out below.  The film opens in August, and you can believe it that we will be playing it at the Alamo in Austin!