Everybody Loves ATTACK THE BLOCK; Plus New Red Band Trailer!

Publicity reports from the early screenings of ATTACK THE BLOCK indicate almost universal love.

The other day I managed to get my hands on a report from the May 25th advanced screenings of Attack the Block - you know, when the film played to crowds in 25 cities across America? This report details how the film played in each of the 25 markets, talking about what scenes got the biggest reactions, what the overall vibe was, and includes some quotes from attendees.

The summary: it went over like fucking gangbusters. Most of the screenings were at 100% capacity, and the reactions at most of the screenings were marked as ‘Excellent.’ In fact only Boston, St Louis and Kansas City were marked less than ‘Excellent’ - they were all marked ‘Very Good.’ Fuckers!

Most of the markets reported applause at the end of the movie, and the quotes from attendees are mostly wildly enthusiastic, with many saying they would pay to see it again.

But now what? Screen Gems has this movie on their hands that they know plays (and according to Twitter it’s been playing well again tonight, especially at the special Attack the Alamo screening in Austin), but how do they get people out to see it? They’ve cut a new red band trailer, which is a beat by beat walkthrough of the first two acts of the film, more or less. I guess it’s spoilery, but it’s good, and I bet it works. And they’re not hiding the accents (which, by the way, few people complained about in the report).

Check out the new trailer, and mull over the question of how Screen Gems can get people to see a movie that all evidence shows they will love.