JJ Abrams Absurdly Claims There Is No Similarity Between CLOVERFIELD And SUPER 8 Monsters

SPOILERS WITHIN! The problem isn’t that Anthony Weiner tweeted pictures of his dick, it’s that he lied about it.

Ain’t It Cool News ran a reader-drawn image of the Super 8 monster, which Harry sent to JJ Abrams for approval, so you know that the picture is correct. Next to it is a picture of the Cloverfield monster.

There are obviously some differences - Cloverfield‘s stupid ears are way bigger than Super 8‘s stupid ears, for instance - but the picture on the left could have been concept art for the picture on the right.

The big difference, I think, comes in the bodies of the two monsters:

I think it’s pretty clear that Super 8 monster has SIX limbs, while Cloverfield has just four. And they’re different colors. Case closed! The fact that they both look like skinned cat insectoid gorillas is just a coincidence.

Look, Abrams uses the same creature designer and so he keeps getting the same creature. The problem with both these creatures isn’t that they’re too similar, it’s that they’re too similarly boring. They’re not interesting designs. Just as nobody can easily conjure up what the Cloverfield monster looks like they won’t remember much of what the Super 8 monster looks like. As I said in my review, every one of us can draw ET, the Xenomorph or Godzilla from scratch. That’s good monster design.