JURASSIC PARK 4 Could Still Be Happening

Spielberg is taking meetings about returning to Isla Nublar.

Steven Spielberg is getting into a Jurassic Park 4 mindset. According to The Hollywood Reporter the director has been meeting with Mark Protosevich to come up with a story idea for what the trade calls a ‘reboot’ of the series, although I doubt a ‘reboot’ is needed. Just a jump start, maybe.

There was an old script for Jurassic Park 4 by John Sayles that was CRAZY - it had genetically engineered super intelligent dinosaurs to be weapon-wielding commandoes intended to stop a dinosaur invasion of the USA - but I have to imagine that concept is mostly dead. Which is too bad, because it’s so crazy it might just work, as they say.

There’s nothing hard and fast about Jurassic Park 4. Who knows what direction they go in; enough time may have passed since the last one that they feel like simply doing dinosaurs on an island will work. THR speculates that the film could be an Avatar-level 3D spectacle; that interests even a 3D hater like me.

As for Protosevich: he’s hit and miss. I read his original Thor script, and it was a sweeping fantasy story that dwarfs the final film in every way. Other films of his have been deeply problematic. I think he’s a smart guy, though, and I hope that Spielberg is taking a fourth film seriously - ie, he’s looking to make it good, not just to make it profitable.