Major Spoiler: Guess Who’s Back In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

This story will ruin all of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES for you. If you’re a spoilerphobic wuss, that is.

So a bunch of months ago I ran a story that said Talia Al’Ghul and the League of Shadows would be the baddies in The Dark Knight Rises. But there was another part of that scoop which I sat on because it was just too tenuous and possibly too spoilery to reveal:


Liam Neeson would be returning as Ra’s Al Ghul.

What’s interesting is that when my source told me this even Liam Neeson didn’t know. Nobody had approached him yet. One of the ideas was to wait and shoot Neeson during reshoots, to hide him in there.

Well, HitFix has revealed that they ain’t waiting that long - Neeson has shot his scene.

And wait! Just like that, while I was writing this story, Warner Bros has made it official - Neeson is back. But their release doesn’t state the size of the role. As I said before, my scooper was under the impression that it’s a cameo. I’ve also been told that they’re casting Al Ghul’s wife, so I suspect that both appear in a flashback.

But who knows! Even with Warner Bros putting it out and even with an inside source I can’t tell you. Christopher Nolan runs his ship tight, and that means any insider you meet with only have a part of the information. It’s all need to know stuff, so if my informant only needs to know elements A, C and F, that’s all he knows. Somebody else knows B, D and E.

So speculate away: is Ra’s back in a flashback cameo, or is it a resurrection via Lazarus Pit?