Khal Drogo Spills Copious CG Blood In New Red Band CONAN Trailer

Lionsgate cuts a decent CONAN THE BARBARIAN trailer and then feels bad about it, so they ruin it with the music.

It’s funny what a difference a TV show makes. Before Game of Thrones, I looked at Jason Momoa with a mocking gleam in my eyes. But after seeing him as the mighty Khal Drogo - after seeing him give the most romantic offer of mass rape in history! - I’m kind of all about the guy as Conan. I guess the goons at Lionsgate were on to something.

And this new Conan the Barbarian trailer is pretty okay, even with all the crummy digital blood. But that fucking song! How does anybody in marketing decide that song is okay? It’s like they are selling the movie to kids who are hanging out at the mall food court in 2002. It’s unbelievable how bad this song is.