This Is What Tom Cruise Looks Like In ROCK OF AGES

He gets inked and slinky as Stacee Jaxx.

Tom Cruise is starring in Rock of Ages, based on the hit Broadway jukebox musical. A jukebox musical is essentially Glee - a show that uses pop hits for songs instead of new songs. Jukebox musicals are usually pretty easy for non-musical types to get in to, because they don’t have all that ‘showtune’ baggage*. Rock of Ages crosses even farther out of the usual Broadway demo because it uses bad 80s metal.

I haven’t seen the show, but from what I understand it’s a humorous, gentle look at the Sunset Strip music scene in the 80s. Cruise is playing Stacee Jaxx, the singer of the fictional band Arsenal, who is having their final show. Somehow Chris Hardwick played this role when the show originally premiered in LA in 2006.

What are some of the songs that Cruise will be singing? His big numbers seem to be Renegades by Styx and Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. Should be… intriguing.

via Movieline

* To be fair, these things have existed since the 40s, when plenty of film musicals used the pop songs of the day. The modern jukebox musical has really blossomed post-Mama Mia!, which used all Abba songs.