THE KILLING Season Finale (Venting) Thread

I’m flummoxed, angry, and a little betrayed. So how was it for you?

Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD. My take, without further adieu:

What. The. Fuck.

The creators of the show have to know they’re going to anger everyone with tonight’s “finale”. That last word is in quotes because where’s the finality? Weren’t we promised to have the murder solved within the show’s thirteen episode season? The Hollywood Reporter even noted in their recent article “How AMC Became HBO’s Nightmare” that AMC just committed to a second season of The Killing after the first murder case gets solved in the first season. Not even close.

We’re still left wondering if Detective Linden has caught the right man and what her partner Holder’s involvement was in swaying the investigation. Also latched onto these dangling threads is The Sopranos-esque cut to black just before we find out if the suspect is assassinated. The show could’ve at least given us closure on the killer behind The Killing while leaving the Holder motivation and assassination attempt as worthy second season cliffhangers, but not leaving the whole thing open ended. I can just imagine showrunner Veena Sud laughing her head off like an evil villain, thinking “this is going to really fuck them up”. Well, it has and it’s not the kind of fucking I enjoy.

I understand that they’re trying to break the boundaries of cop procedurals, but they broke too many at once. Especially when expectations are set and viewers are invested.

Whew. Rant over. Now, what did you guys think?