Sam Raimi And Danny Elfman Make Up, Get Back Together For OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

A severed alliance is healed.

A few years ago Danny Elfman and Sam Raimi had a falling out. What kind of a falling out? Well, back when I was at CHUD I got this interview with Elfman:

Elfman: Spider-Man 2 was a miserable experience.

Q: Why? Was it too fast or –

Elfman: It’s a complicated thing.

Q: Why was it complicated?

Elfman: My connection to Sam got completely severed. As far as I’m concerned, he went to sleep and somebody put a pod next to him and when he awoke, he wasn’t the same person I’ve known for a decade.

Q: Will you work with him again?

Elfman: No. He went from right there, number 2 on my list of favorite directors, to the last – to the exact opposite of everything I look for in a film experience. Everything I could do on Spider-Man 1 I couldn’t do on Spider-Man 2. He got so intensely attached to the temp music, I couldn’t even adapt my own music. I couldn’t get close enough to me.

It’s the first time I’ve ever walked from a director in twenty years, and hopefully the last time. He became intolerable. I’ve been on some heavy duty films, so to say that it had to be pretty bad. I have been in war zones you wouldn’t believe in 55 films. But this is the first time I’ve said, I’ve had it. It’s just not worth it. I would rather go back to waiting tables than to do Spider-Man 2 again.

Yeah, that kind of a falling out.

But I guess Pod Person Sam was replaced by Real Person Sam, because Elfman is back at the director’s side and will be scoring Oz, The Great and Powerful for him, as reported by

There’s been a bit of a backlash against Elfman - sort of deservedly, I think, because his sound has become SO familiar in recent years - but he’s a great choice for this particular project, in my most humble of opinions. His dark circus sounds will be perfect for a Sam Raimi take on the Land of Oz.