This Is An Actual, For Real Trailer For THE MUPPETS

Does this new THE MUPPETS trailer have an awful lot of Jason Segel or is it just me?

Disney has released a number of fake and parody trailers for The Muppets, but now they’ve finally unleashed a pretty legit one. It looks good. Two thoughts, though:

1) I haven’t really been following The Muppets since Jim Henson’s death (ie, I never saw Muppets Treasure Island or any of that stuff), so I found the new Kermit voice a touch distracting. I guess I’ll get used to it, though.

2) There remains A LOT of Jason Segel and Amy Adams in this trailer. Too much, I’d say. I don’t want a Muppets movie where Jason Segel is in every frame. I understand that some studio execs, worried about the aging of the Muppets brand, may have felt the need to get a human ‘star’ in there, but this definitely makes me unhappy.