Finally, A Reason To Do Crowdsourced Funding: The BEHIND THE MASK Sequel!

The makers of the underrated slasher deconstruction want to make a sequel. You can help them.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is a favorite of mine. A smart and funny but loving deconstruction of the slasher genre, the film is a hoot and the character of Leslie Vernon is actually pretty great. The movie was ahead of its time, and while it enjoyed a cult popularity it never truly took off. God knows I tried, though - my quote is on the DVD!

Director Scott Glosserman has gone on to do some other work, but in the meantime he’s still wanted to return to Leslie Vernon. Sometimes when I eat at the Counter Burger in Hollywood I peek my head into the Glen Echo office and look at the enormous Behind the Mask poster they have hanging up. It warms my heart. And now Glosserman wants to have Vernon stab that warmed heart, as he’s fundraising to bring the character back in a remake-sequel-prequel (sounds about right)!

I’m usually against crowdfunding schemes, but this is a proven commodity that just can’t get traction from traditional funders, and so I’m putting my money (and weblinks) where my mouth is and supporting Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon. There’s a Facebook fundraising campaign where you can pre-order the DVD or a poster - including signed variants. I’d buy this DVD sight unseen if it were released by regular channels, so I’m happy to do it this way. And as always, if the funding goal - a whopping $1 million - isn’t met, you won’t be charged for the purchase.

Click here to get involved. If you haven’t seen Behind the Mask yet, buy it below. Thank me later.