Get Crunk With The New FOOTLOOSE Trailer

The trailer for the remake of the seminal Kevin Bacon movie.

I don’t like a whole lot about the original Footloose, but what I do like is the goofy 1950s vibe of the whole thing. A town where dancing is outlawed? For you young people who weren’t alive/were babies when that film came out: it was just as stupid a conceit in 1984 as it is in 2011.

The remake intrigues me because it’s Craig Brewer, and from the trailer alone I can tell that he brought a level of sexuality and blackness that actually makes the dance ban make a bit more sense - it’s sexual and racial panic on the part of smallminded small town jerks.

The trailer is slick, but what’s with the lead kid? His accent is so bizarre. Also, he looks like a real pipsqueak. There’s something endearingly 50s about that too.