Le Traileur De MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Dans Le Web

A French trailer for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL leaks online.

The French trailer for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol is now online, in a leaked form. It pretty well replicates the experience of seeing a movie in the front row of a Parisian theater, which I think has cultural value.

The trailer looks good enough, although it’s so hard with these trailers that are made up of half second long glimpses of footage. Fading in for a blink on ANYTHING will look pretty dramatic and cool. Still, I’ve heard from people ‘in the know’ that Brad Bird has knocked this one out the park.

The good news is that Tom Cruise has a chance to yet again run really fast in a straight line in this movie. It’s important he always get to do that.

Click here to see the trailer. via Ain’t It Cool