The RZA To Train Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow In GI JOE 2

GI Joe ain’t nuthin’ to fuck wit.

The RZA as The Blind Master? That’s the word from The Hollywood Reporter, who says the Wu-Tang vet will play the martial artist who trained Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. As far as I remember he’s a pretty minor character in the Marvel Comics continuity (the only continuity that matters!), and his high point was training Billy, Cobra Commander’s son. Seriously.

It’s certainly interesting casting. I don’t know that The RZA is much of an actor OR a martial artist, but he’s a great presence. And The RZA is a huge martial arts nerd - his directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fist is a martial arts movie - so he’ll get the persona of a wise master right, I think. Interestingly the article mentions Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes specifically as his pupils, but says that only Channing Tatum is returning from the first film. They couldn’t get Ray Park back? Or for some reason didn’t want him?

DJ Cotrona, who was on Detroit 187, a show nobody watched, has also been hired to play Flint, a character who is like Duke, but looks different. All I really remember about Flint is that he bones Lady Jaye. Does this mean we’re getting Lady Jaye?