Monty Python Reunites For A Cartoon Biopic Of Graham Chapman

The remaining Pythons (except Eric Idle) lend voices to a strange and delightful sounding Graham Chapman movie.

We’ll never get all of Monty Python together again. Graham Chapman saw to that when he died way back in 1989. But we will be getting something similar to that, as the remaining Pythons (minus Eric Idle?) will be lending voices to Graham Chapman: Dead in 3D, a 3D cartoon version of Chapman’s humorous and inaccurate memoir A Liar’s Autobiography: Volume VI.

What makes this really interesting is that Chapman recorded himself reading the book (in Harry Nilsson’s studio, which is so cool) before he died, and so the film will use Chapman’s own voice alongside the voices of his comedy compatriots. Some, like John Cleese, will play themselves, while others, like Terry Jones, will have multiple roles. This isn’t necessarily a history of Monty Python… or a real autobiography of Chapman.

It’s weird that Eric Idle isn’t on board, although the producers say they’re still working on him. The film - which is being animated by no less than 15 different companies in different styles - will be released in UK theaters next year and will appear on the ethereal Epix channel in the US.

via the New York Times