Contest: Win RED WHITE & BLUE On DVD or Blu!

Simon Rumley’s grim but great horror film can be yours from Badass Digest.

Simon Rumley’s Red White & Blue is an uncompromising, morally murky horror story about three fucked up people whose fucked up lives collide in the most fucked up way possible. It’s grim but it’s smart and it’s surprisingly human for a movie that I joked should have been called Duct Tape because so much of it is used to bind people in the film (and because it’s like a metaphor for how these people’s lives are stuck together through messy violence). Besides Rumley’s excellent script and direction, it’s leads Noah Taylor, Amanda Fuller and Marc Senter that really put this film a step above other genre films.

Anyway, I really like this movie when I saw it at Fantastic Fest, and I’m psyched to have both DVD and Blu-Ray copies of it to give away. It’s very possible that you didn’t see Red White & Blue, but now you’ll have no excuse. Just send your address and your choice of DVD or Blu to [email protected] with RWB in the subject line. Make it EXACTLY RWB because I will have a filter running on my email, and if you miss the filter you miss the contest.

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win, feel free to buy the film below. It’s great!