Japanese Dental Sex Doll Can Feel Pain

We’re getting to uncomfortable places now.

We’re heading to a dark place as a race. Do you feel it? There’s just so much ugliness happening in the world… or maybe I’m still being impacted by Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But then again, there’s this Japanese robot that can feel pain and has been built with the input of that nation’s leading sex doll manufacturer.

On the surface this robot feels like a good idea - she’s basically a life-sized version of the game Operation, and dental students can practice on her and get real pain-related responses to what they’re doing. Says the New Scientist:

Revealed at a press conference in Japan yesterday “Showa Hanako 2” is a medical automaton capable of sneezing, head shaking, coughing, mimicking gagging, and will even close her mouth like a real patient when feeling that telltale jaw ache associated with the dentist reaching inside your mouth. With voice recognition technology the trainee dentist can even carry out a rudimentary conversation with the robot.

That’s pretty cool, right? But then you realize that her skin, mouth and tongue were created by Orient Industry, Japan’s top sex doll makers.  And then it doesn’t take long for your brain to make the leap to a sex doll that gags when you shove… things in its mouth. Or that whimpers or feels pain.

Oh Jesus, Japan. See what you’ve made me think of you?

Watch the video: