Somebody Call Vincent Chase: They’re Making A MATTERHORN Movie

Disney’s next ride-based film takes shape.

Today I relish the death of Entourage like MacGruber pissing on the corpse of Cunth, but in the beginning I was intrigued by this show, which promised to shed some light on the weird and funny stories that get passed around Hollywood but rarely make the papers. I stuck with Vinnie Chase and friends for about two seasons before bailing on that group of horrible douchebags, and have since felt nothing but contempt for all involved.

But remember when E wanted Vin to make a movie called Matterhorn? Now there really is one in the works, but it’s based on the Disney ride of the same name. And to avoid being shamefully associated with Entourage, it’s under the working title The Hill.

What? What’s the point of adapting a non-narrative ride if you don’t keep the name? And apparently the only part of the ride that is being kept is the Yeti, which was added in the 70s anyway. From Heat Vision:

The idea behind The Hill is to do a thrilling, fast-paced movie centering on five young adventure seekers who, for mysterious reasons, are called to the top of the mountain and encounter a Yetis on the journey down.

The guy who is writing this wrote the Ashton Kutcher movie Spread, which no one saw.

After Pirates of the Caribbean I stopped second guessing the idea of adapting non-narrative properties. I’m interested in Peter Berg’s Battleship because of the possibility that it’s a more original concept smuggled in through a familiar brand, and maybe that’s the case with Matterhorn, er, The Hill. And I always like seeing Yetis on screen. I think I gave The Mummy 3 a soft pass because it had Yetis playing football.