Vinyl Has Become Too Mainstream So Hipsters Now Making Records On Chocolate

A Scottish band gets their music in your chocolate. You get your chocolate in a Scottish band’s music!

What value does a record have once you’ve heard it? Yeah, you could listen to it again, but there’s so much other music to be consumed, so many cutting edge bands to keep up with, that relistening to a record feels like something only the unhip do. So what should be done with a record once you’ve listened to it?

How about YOU EAT IT?

Scottish band FOUND has released their new single on a chocolate 7”, created by Scottish baker Ben Milne. The first attempt was to pour chocolate over a pressed record, but the music created by the chocolate record was backwards. Instead they poured chocolate into the record mold, and presto, an edible single.

Here’s the video for the song, Anti Climb Paint. I quite like it! Especially the accent. Sexy.

via Laughing Squid