Chris Nolan To Produce Horror Movie From CHRISTINE’s Arnie, Keith Gordon!

Keith Gordon finds himself under the cowl of Christopher Nolan’s production company.

How cool is it that Keith Gordon, the guy who played Arnie in John Carpenter’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine, has an awesome career? Gordon may not have  found fame as an actor but he’s become a terrific filmmaker in his own right. Check out his great WWII movie A Midnight Clear, for instance, and he’s been directing shows like The Killing and Dexter as well.

Now Christopher Nolan is swooping in to work with Keith (I bet Nolan’s a fan from De Palma’s Dressed to Kill), producing an untitled supernatural thriller that Gordon will write and direct. Ain’t nobody knows what it’s about, but Deadline thinks it’s based on a novel. That narrows it down.

Anyway, big ups to Keith Gordon, a genuinely nice guy who has all sorts of genre chops to bring to his own supernatural movie.