Official TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Discussion/Puzzling Over Logic Thread

Have your say on the weekend’s big, loud new movie.

By now you may have already seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon, or you’ll be seeing it tonight. I wanted to give folks a spot to talk about the movie, as well as a place to identify and isolate the people who liked it.

I also wanted to have a place where we could collaborate on answering some of the film’s most ridiculous plot holes. Fodder for discussion (spoilers, I guess):

- If Sentinel Prime switched sides during the Cybertron War to join the Decepticons, why did the Decepticons shoot him down?

- Why did Sentinel Prime teleport the Decepticons into DC when he wanted them to go to Chicago? It seems like a waste of time.

- Why were there a whole bunch of Decepticons buried on the Moon anyway? Why didn’t Megatron just use those guys in any of the previous two films? And why did they need to be teleported to Earth?

- Why did Sentinel Prime set up the main column or whatever in Chicago anyway? The Decepticons had a perfectly good camp in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro, where they would attract less attention.

- Whose bright idea was it to have Optimus Prime tangled in WIRES for most of the final battle?

- Why did Sentinel Prime pretend to be friendly with the Autobots? Why did the Decepticons chase Sentinel Prime back to the base?

- Seriously, what was the point of John Malkovich’s character?

- What was Patrick Dempsey’s big evil plan? To get Shia LaBeouf a job and then…? Why place Shia so close to the Decepticon conspiracy?

- Why was Shia’s involvement with the Transformers a huge secret?

Try your hand at answering any of these/defending the film in the face of these (“It was fun!”) below.