THE CAPTAINS: William Shatner Interviews… Other STAR TREK Captains

Watch a trailer featuring the Shat chatting with a bunch of STAR TREK alums whose shows he never watched.

But like I said, I’ll watch. The premise is that William Shatner sat down with all the other Star Trek captains (ie, the ones who headed their own shows, since Sisko wasn’t a Captain, right? I didn’t watch DS9 but this is my belief) and talk about fans or whatever. Whatever moderately working actors talk about. Looking at some of them in the trailer I suspect they discuss bloating.

The one section I’m interested in is Shatner talking to Chris Pine, since they both played the same character. There could be something actually interesting in that section. Because I’ll tell you what I learned from the Blu Captains Roundtable - Shatner has watched no other Star Trek than his own, so I doubt he knows who these people are.

Anyway, watch the trailer.