A blast from the unseen past - the long delayed CABIN IN THE WOODS debuts a first image.

About fourteen years ago I visited director Drew Goddard in his office and editing bay and watched maybe fifteen to twenty minutes of Cabin in the Woods, the Joss Whedon-scripted horror film he had made for MGM. Drew was excited about the film, as he should have been - what I saw looked great, and the script I had read was incredibly good, witty and smart. Some of the stuff I saw was from the end of the movie, and while I don’t want to give anything away I’ll say that Cabin in the Woods presents a merchandizing and fanfic bonanza - this felt like a movie that could live on in the pop consciousness for a long time.

Except that MGM imploded and Cabin in the Woods disappeared and that was that.

But now Lionsgate has the movie. And I’ve heard from people in the know that the final, finished film (what I saw was waaay rough and featured very early CGI work) is incredible. A game changer, I was told. The company is apparently very happy with it, but they haven’t set a date just yet, although rumors had the film launching in (the appropriate) month of October.

They’ve quietly begun the PR campaign on the film, releasing the above image to Bloody Disgusting. You can get a look at Chris Hemsworth there on the left, long before Thor or even Star Trek, which is pretty amazing. He’s such a baby!

In a lot of ways I think the delay may have helped the film. It would have been entering a crowded, weird and unsure horror market a couple of years ago. Now I think there’s a thirst for freshness. And without a Saw series Lionsgate can maybe actually try to sell this one. Fingers crossed.