Hilarious Social Media Disaster: Entenmann’s Tries To Sell Cake Using Casey Anthony Trial Hashtag

The madness around the Casey Anthony verdict gets hilarious. And delicious.

How great is this? When Twitter exploded in impotent, boring and hypocritical outrage about the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, the hashtag #notguilty started trending. So the social marketing geniuses who run the Twitter feed for yummy baked goods company Entenmann’s got in on the trending topic action with:

“Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!”

People, already in outrage mode, got outraged at Entenmann’s, and I’m sure many vowed to no longer eat entire boxes of chocolate donuts while masturbating to Nancy Grace. The social media company that runs the Twitter feed deleted the tweet and began apologizing like mad. They claim that their social media Twitter monkeys just jumped on the hashtag and didn’t know what it meant, which I think is actually stupider than just saying they made a joke in poor taste. I prefer poor taste to blatant incompetence.

You can read Likeable’s groveling apology here.