Legendary Is Bringing MASS EFFECT Movie To Comic Con

No, they haven’t made the movie yet. But the game creator and screenwriter will be in Hall H. What will they talk about?

While some of the big studios sit out Hall H (and don’t fall for Marvel’s bullshit presence at the Con - an autograph session with Chris Evans? Who gives a shit?), production company Legendary Pictures is going it alone. And they’re bringing the Mass Effect movie.

No, they haven’t made the film in secret. But they will have game creator Casey Hudson and screenwriter Mark Protosevitch. This is interesting because while Legendary is bringing plenty of other films that are not yet made - Pacific Rim, Paradise Lost - they are NOT bringing Godzilla. Which leads me to believe that we’re closer to a Mass Effect movie than to a new Godzilla movie. And which leads me to believe there could be an interesting announcement or two coming out of the convention. A director? New info on Mass Effect 3. All of the above? We’ll find out.