This Could Be Brienne In HBO’s GAME OF THRONES

A 6 foot 2 model named Gwendoline Christie may have been cast in one of the new lead roles for season two of GAME OF THRONES.

The one on the left, obviously.

Her name is Gwendoline Christie and it looks like she’s been cast as Brienne in Game of Thrones season 2. Get used to her, because Brienne is a major character throughout the rest of the series.

It’s not official yet, and this comes from some sleuthing done after George RR Martin left some cryptic clues on his blog - go to HBOWatch to read the whole story - but this looks about right to me. Christie can be made Hollywood ugly, but I think she’s an incredibly striking woman. And she’s not afraid of getting naked for the camera - click here for some arty nudes she shot. Where she’s wearing a horse head.

Standing at 6 foot 2 she’s an imposing woman, although not as burly as I pictured Brienne. But really what matters is the acting; Christie has done modeling, but not much acting - she was briefly in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as a ‘classy shopper.’

What do you think? I imagine this will be official soon, and then we’ll get the casting of Stannis, maybe at Comic Con…

Thanks to Chris Maplestone for the link.