Whiskey Flavored Gelato Bar

The tasty goodness of single malt whiskey in the chilly goodness of gelato. On a stick!

It’s hot outside, and you want a frozen treat but you don’t want all the calories of ice cream. Also, you’re a drunk and you want to taste whiskey. If you’re in the Bay Area you are in real luck, because Bar Gelato features a treat made from St. George Single Malt Whiskey.

Bar Gelato is the ‘on the go’ version of North California’s Naia Gelateria gelato. They have a number of locations in the Bay Area, and now they’re selling these bars in local Whole Foods. St. George Spirits is an artisan distillery located in Alameda, so all of this goodness is local, which we like. Although the downside of it being local is that I can’t taste this bar down here in Los Angeles.

If you’re in the area this is a list of places that sell Bar Gelato. Pack me some in dry ice and send it down here. It’s hot as balls in LA and I could use the cooldown. And the whiskey.