The Dwarves Keep On Coming - Meet Oin And Gloin From THE HOBBIT

Gloin, father of Gimli, appears!

Two more dwarves from the company of dwarves in The Hobbit. This time it’s Oin and Gloin; old Gloin, on the right, is the daddy of Gimli from Lord of the Rings.

From Yahoo, some background on the boys:

Distant cousins of Thorin Oakenshield, these two doughty Northern Dwarves join the Company out of a sense of loyalty to their kin, and also because they have a substantial sum of money invested in the venture. Along with Bombur, Gloin is the only other married Dwarf in the Company (there being a shortage of female dwarves in general). His wife is an acclaimed beauty with a particularly fine beard. Gloin is the proud father of a young son, Gimli, who will go on to become part of the famous Fellowship of the Ring.