Yet More Whoring: Devin Does A Karaoke Webcast

Donate five bucks to keep the Streaming Garage on the air and I will be your singing monkey.

Last week I guested on Stupid For Movies, and this week I’m back there - except this time I’m taking part in a karaoke sing-off fundraiser. The folks behind Stupid For Movies, the Streaming Garage, have a whole slate of popular programming they put on from that garage, but the cost of doing that sort of work way, way outweighs the income. And so they’re doing a PBS-style pledge drive, of which I am part.

I will be doing a karaoke showdown against Amy Nicholson, of Box Office Magazine. The twist here is that if you donate to the Streaming Garage you’ll get to tell us what song to sing (from a list of available tracks). I don’t know what the songs will be, and I’m willing to bet I won’t know many of the songs foisted upon me. I will probably still cream Nicholson, though, because I am a golden god (of karaoke).

Karaoke is a pretty big part of the Badass culture - Tim League’s awesome nightspot, The Highball, has a whole range of full-featured karaoke rooms, and the first time I got to know the guy we were doing highly drunken middle of the night karaoke in an Alamo Drafthouse theater.It’s a ton of fun, and hopefully it’ll be fun to watch me attempt to sing songs I don’t know. At least I hope it’s fun for the people who are donating.

Click here for the live show; I’ll be going on around 10 or 11 Pacific tonight. It’s Friday night - you don’t have anything else better to do, right?