SCARFACE Blu-Ray Charges $1000 Idiot Tax

Phil gets furious about a SCARFACE Blu that comes with a humidor and an insane sale price.

There is a definite place in history for Brian De Palma’s 1983 gangster epic Scarface. Critically reviled upon release, it’s an excessive, ugly, overlong, coked-up snapshot of a moment in time, which sent its key players hurtling out of their orbits for the rest of the decade. Al Pacino took years to recover. Oliver Stone was a household name just three years later. And Brian De Palma spent the rest of the 80s on the A list, doing some of his best and worst work. Love it or hate it, when viewed with the proper perspective, Scarface is a crucial part of film history.

Of course today it’s also viewed by some as a lifestyle philosophy. People who see Tony Montana as someone to emulate. People who unironically believe life is something to be grabbed by the throat and devoured, even as they stock up on Scarface memorabilia and play Scarface video games on their sister’s couch while wearing a 3XL t-shirt from Spencer’s that says “The World Is Yours” on it.

These people must be punished, and to that end we have the Scarface Limited Edition Blu-Ray with Humidor. That’s right: this September 6th, misguided, unemployed guys with no health coverage from all over the country can sincerely feel as if they have the world by the balls, for only $999.00 retail (don’t worry, gangstas: Amazon has you covered for $700.99). In addition to a gorgeous white humidor to keep your blu ray at the constant correct temperature, the set also comes with picture cards and a digital copy, so you can keep on feeling like a badass while riding the bus. Most amazingly, the set includes a copy of Howard Hawks’ original Scarface, from 1932. Look for that to hit the trade-in shelves at stores on September 7th.