Joseph Has Nothing On This Amazing Technicolor Video Coat

Now Browncoats can force people in crowded areas to watch FIREFLY!

A coat that plays videos! What will they think of next? How about a reason to own a coat that plays videos?

Pointless or not (it’s pointless. The guy built it for Burning Man) the concept here is pretty cool and sort of post-Blade Runner cyberpunk in a way. This is not the full video coat, and as  the video below explains, the finished product will have sleeves that will also play video. You could probably sell this to some music video director for a bunch of money.

The specs:

The Video Coat is a 60” LED video display built onto a lab coat. 160x120 pixels, 0.3” (7.62mm) dot pitch RGB. Powered by a 12V battery. Plays standard NTSC (North American) analog video from an iPod or DVD player.

For more on how the coat was made, go here. Via Geekologie