New TINTIN Trailer Brings To Mind An Animated RAIDERS

The new TINTIN trailer showcases action and character.

The latest trailer for Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn is pretty strong; it features lots of great action and focuses more on the characters and comedy that fans of Herges’ comics hold dear. And some of the CGI is simply stunning - I love watching stuff like this and forgetting that it’s ALL green screen, that ALL of the locations are pixels.

But the trailer doesn’t quite answer why that’s the case. What’s the upside of making this performance capture? Is it to keep the cartoony Herge heads on the characters? Watching some of the action towards the end of the trailer I couldn’t help but think this would be more thrilling if live action. Some of that stuff reminds me of the greatest action scenes of the Indiana Jones franchise, real classic Spielberg action, but that was all real people…