Ridley Scott Brings PROMETHEUS To Iceland

And he talks about shooting ‘the beginning of time.’ What the hell does that mean?

Have we talked about the meaning of the title Prometheus? The dude who brought fire from the gods to man, the dude who kick started human civilization. I’m assuming it’s not the exact same dude in Ridley Scott’s film, a prequel to Alien, but I really must imagine this is the main metaphorical touchstone here. That we’re seeing the creation of the Xenomorphs, no matter how much everybody insists it isn’t a straight-up prequel.

I bring this up  because Scott is moving his production to do location shooting in Iceland (locations? Yay! Always locations!), and he told the local media that:

“It will be 15 minutes in total, if all goes to plan. We are shooting the beginning of time.”

The beginning of time? That’s ambitious. The locations he’s using - especially the volcano Hekla - are striking and primal. But the beginning of time? I’m really trying to parse this, especially in light of the following sentence from the same source:

Actresses Lisbeth Salander and Noomi Rice are also gracing Iceland with their presence over the next fortnight with the film crew, who will also be filming at the Dettifoss waterfall — Europe’s most powerful by volume of water.

Since Lisbeth Salandar is fictional, and Noomi Rice played her, I think we’re seeing some loss in translation. Could that apply to Scott’s vague, ambitious quote as well? Or will Prometheus be taking us very far back in time, to the very first moments the Xenomorphs existed in any form?

From Ice News, via Coming Soon